Assalamualaikum w.b.t

In the Name of Allah,The Most Merciful and Most Compassionate.

What is IKHLAS?

It is the movements of your body coinciding with your heart's action.

But if your body does something contrary to what in your heart, then this is NOT IKHLAS.

And this IKHLAS, it's the issue that Allah keeps exclusive between Him and His creation.

Allah Subhanallah Ta'ala says,

 "Ikhlas is a secret of my secrets, I implanted it into the heart of whomever I love of my slaves. No angel sees it and writes it down, and no satan can see it to spoil it."

So, it is between the slave and his Lord.

You can be seen  among people as very pious, and when you hear athan, you run to prayer and you pray in the first line, and do all these things.

But your heart has no IKHLAS at this situation.

Maybe you did that for the people to call you pious or to encourage people to trust you in wordly matters.

Hence, the body takes one direction and heart takes one another. And, this defines hypocrisy.

Therefore, Allah Subhanallah Ta'ala gives a parable that a person may do good deeds only for it to be said.

Allah will tell him, " You have done it for it to have been said ( to be call pious ), and it was said."

" Oh, he's so pious, and so..."

So, since you have done the action with the intention of simply having it said ( by the people ), then, it's has been said. ( Meaning, you got what you wanted ).

However, but whoever does something, not for it to be said, but for solely Allah...

In our village, an illiterate man who's never worn shoes, collects crops that he cultivated. He put nine containers for himself,  and one for the side of charity. His wife sits on the side with the charity, and whenever a needy man comes, she'd give him some and ask him to " Make du'aa for my father, read al-Faatihah for my aunt." The man's listening, and she hasn't mentioned any of his own family, neither his father, mother, or aunts, all of them are her own relatives. So, he got annoyed.

So, the crop-gathering husband said to the needy person, while his wife was giving him, ' take it for Allah knows, whose crop there are ( they are not the wife's ).'

This is IHKLAS!

Allah knows whether the deeds is done by heart, only with the body.


Syeikh Muhammad Mutawali as-Sya'rawi.

-Translated to English from arabic conversation-

Syeikh Muhamad Mutawalli al-Sya’rawi (1911-1998M) : Tokoh Tafsir Mesir abad 21


Muhammad Iqbal,
Hayyu Sabi', Madinah Nasr, Cairo, Egypt.


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